Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pre-vacation Part I

I'm having a hard time containing my excitement about the upcoming trips! KK has planned a birthday trip for us to go to Boston and NY...Hooray! Following that, I'm taking KK to Palm Springs for a weekend of spa and relaxation...ahhh... Last but not the least, I'm going to Shanghai for two weeks...yummy food...
I'll be playing dress ups for the next few week in preparation for my three upcoming trips, and will need your opinions on the outfits.

I'm thinking an eclectic hippie inspired maxi dress for walking around NY city.

Plenty of sheer layers for hanging out in NY where the weather could be a little unpredictable. Yes, I'm still in love with the royal blue color and try to add it in whenever I can.

I'm in love with this super sheer, ultra soft, silk blend cowl neck tunic top. Now the only thing I'm pondering on is if KK's going to complain about its shapelessness.

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Anonymous said...

pretty cute, all of them. KK