Friday, January 23, 2009

A little compliment goes a long way

Part of a whining session with my coworker this morning...

Me: My new year goal is to live healthier, but look what I've been eating?! (pointing to the stash of crackers and chocolate on my desk)

Coworker: Do you always crave junk food when you are sick?

Me: No....I just crave junk food...(gave a shitty I'm-going-to-be-200lb soon look)

Coworker: Why are you so worried?

Me: Cuz I feel like a shammu! I've been doing 5 minute workout for the whole week... ( I'm not kidding, my workouts for the past week have been between 4-5 minutes long)

Coworker: Wow...where have you been hiding all the "crackers and chocolate"?!


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