Friday, October 10, 2008

The Higher You Are, The Harder You Fall

When is it alright to wrestle your girlfriend to the floor?!
So KK and I had a little wrestling match going on his first night in the bay. Being almost twice my size, its no wonder I had almost no chance against him picking me up and thow me across the room. Actually let me rephrase, he meant to throw me on the fluffy bed, but he MISSED, instead I landed on top of a stack of books I had right next to my bed. And the worst part is? He landed on top of me from lost of balance. As you can imagine, my back isn't exactly thanking me at this point.
Alrighty, all the complaints aside, I received my brand new vintage boots. Is it even possible to have brand new and vintage in the same sentence? These are the most insanely amazing thigh highs I could have ever imagined. My winter outfits are SET!

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