Sunday, October 19, 2008

A View From Above

The view from our 29th floor, Shanghai-home-for-a-month is absolutely breath taking. What can I say, it's the city of luxury and the MEGA of endless skyscrapers, seriously.
Where we are staying is almost like norcal in many aspects,the ratio of Asian to non-Asian population is close to 50 50 from what I observed. My fear of feeling slightly out of place was completely replaced by a new found sense of familiarity and curiosity.

Tennis courts have become a staple in luxury high raises.

I can't see an end to this sea of skyscrappers

Picture of the city from the bedroom balcony

Not every inch of Shanghai's occupied by buildings, you can actually find green areas here too, which is a lot different from what I remembered.

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Anonymous said...

wow.. i'm so jealous!! Have a safe and fun trip! -J