Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Funky day

Waking up feeling do I put this, not so much myself. Maybe it's because the brake light on my car got pushed into the trunk from a trip to the car wash yesterday? I know, I can't even began to try to explain what had happened there. Urg... I think I'm more annoyed with the situation than anything else. Called up the Mercedes dealership and they admitted that it's a common problem with CLKs. Ok, I guess I don't feel too alone then.
Since I couldn't get rid of this funky mood in me, I decided to wear it on me. Vintage boyfriend jeans, two tone oxford, cocoon blazer, strangely it's making me kind of happy in a weird way. KK is definitely going to have a few comments on this look.

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Anonymous said...

Kinda cute!!!!!