Monday, June 2, 2008

Vintage Bally

I've had my eyes on this vintage Bally since the first time I saw it. The leather is the most supple/soft leather you can imagine, and the shape is oh-so classy. Anyhow, its definitely love at first sight/touch, although I do fall in love quite often in the shopping department, especially with purses and shoes. I've been holding back my wallet since KK and I are planning on buying a place in the near future, until I got this lovely note from the store owner saying that they are having a 50% store wide sale for one day only. Hence the crazy Sat morning, play tennis, squeeze in a quick little trip to MP to grab this cutie before someone else puts their hands on it, all the while trying to get ready for a SATC day out with the girls. Well, let me just say, it's all worth it!

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