Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You get what you paid for

How do you justify spending $220 on a cotton nightie? My jaw nearly dropped when my hands first landed on this amazingly soft, unbelievably light little number. The price may seem insanely high for a nightgown, yah, I couldn’t believe my eyes either when I read the price tag. And if it wasn’t for the store closing sale, I would never have considered buying it. The temperature was brutal in the bay area over the past weekend, it hovered around 100 degrees during the day and stayed at high 80s after the sun went down. Trying to get some snooze without AC was almost as brutal as running a marathon. As I was circling around the room contemplating on what I should wear to bed, (even my tiniest tank top seemed a winter coat in this heat), I saw my new acquisition through the corner of my eyes and decided to give it a try. Let me just say, I’ve never wore anything so breathable, and so weightless before, I happily drifted into lala land after 15 minutes. This has lead to my conclusion that you really do get what you paid for, unless you get it on sale ..^___~..

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