Monday, June 2, 2008


I'm completely obsessed with the SATC movie! Call me crazy, twice over two days on the opening weekend..haha... I really just couldn't resist the humor, the fashion and THE SHOES! Especially these Diors...
Bakers has a similar pair for sale for like 1/10 of the Dior price, I almost clicked that BUY button when a tiny little voice went off in my head, asking me how can I break my own vows. I made a promise to myself long time ago, I will never wear or use replicas. I feel it's a huge disrespect to designers and their creations.... closed the browser, went to bed.

Quick little update: I really can't stop thinking about these shoes, I tried EVERYTHING to stop my thought process, yet nothing worked. A quick call to Bloomingdales and these lovelies are on their way!! ohh....what did I just do.... JJBee, that's why I need you here to keep my sane and my cc in its respective place, the slot of my wallet!

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Beilie said...

Show me the shoes when I see you next time!