Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Closet Raid

One of the first things I did after prince packed up his belongings was to dig through his massive remaining T shirt collection to find a few perfect boyfriend shirts. Look what I found? A super soft, ultra light, long sleeves T from Juicy that one of us may have washed and accidentally dried at one point...heehee... I do have to admit though, his expansive taste translates to amazing quality pieces which I can't keep my hands off of, even though they are a little big. But that's what the dryer is for, right? J/K...KK ;)
By the way, I started eying this white blazer from Ralph Lauren a while back. I went back to the store yesterday to check if its on sale, and amazingly they are! Although my size was sold out, I decided to try it on in a different size anyways, and was pleasantly surprised by the fitting.
Blazer, Ralph Lauren; Shirt, Juicy; Jeans, J Brand

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Anonymous said...

cute jacket, S!.. reminds me of rag and bone tuxedo jacket that I have been eying on! -JJBee