Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What a morning! I got to work bright and early hoping to catch up on my emails, just to find out that I forgot my laptop at home! After 30 minutes of back and forth, I was finally at my desk, starting my first day of work after four days off. Boy, I'm almost relieved that life's getting back to normal after the past few weeks. I spent most of my week last week at a technology conference, listening to all sorts of companies talking about the future of the internet. All I can say is just, wow...there are some life changing things happening. Going back to my morning, I'm feeling a bit girly, and very cold. I actually added some black tights before leaving home, just to make sure I can return home in "room temperature" instead of in a frozen state.

Jacket, Rugby by RL; T-shirt, Edun; Skirt, Forever21; Boots, Marc Jacobs

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