Wednesday, May 28, 2008


While I was in SD last weekend, KK and I went around the downtown area and saw some potential future places for us. Between getting very excited about what we can get for the money (one of the condos on the 10th floor came with an 1000sqft outdoor deck that over looks the DT and the ocean), and the actual mortgage/HOA/property tax, we came to an agreement that we'll need to be on a budget for the remaining of the year so we can buy and furnish our future home. Budgeting is definitely one of the subjects that's easier said than done. After some careful calculation, I came to the conclusion that I'll need to somehow shave down my clothing/shoes budget to almost nothing a month?! Sad as it may sound, I'm actually looking forward to clean out my closet and discover some long forgotten treasures. This morning, I dug out this Mike and Chris sweatshirt jacket that probably haven't seen the light of day since last recycling plan is getting a head start already!

Jacket Mike & Chris; Tank, KM for topshop; Shoes Aldo

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