Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday Inspiration and Recreation

Thursday is always such a strange day, well, actually, it's my favorite day of the week. Work usually gets a little more relaxed, and Friday, which is almost like the start the weekend in my dictionary, is right around the corner! Ok, enough of the thought of the day...
I found this picture earlier in the week and was very inspired by the edginess and the sophistication of the outfit. I aboslutely love the combination of black dress and blue blazer, and have since determined to make it into a work appropriate outfit. Granted I work for a startup where most people are in t-shirts and flip flops, I pretty much have the freedom of wearing whatever I please, I still always turn to some variation of all black to try to look a bit more serious.
I had a few ideas in my head, here's my first attempt. Sorry for the grainy pictures, I was having some light issues early in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Looking good!!! Keep it up. -K

Anonymous said...

i want a ralph lauren blue blazer too... =( -JJBee