Friday, September 19, 2008

Eating Rampage in Fenway Park

This was my first time in the world renowned Fenway Park. The night started off nice and clear with a bit of wind chill. However, right before the start of the game, we were “blessed” with a down pour of rain storms! Talk about New England weather. I have say though, Red Sox fans are probably the loyalist fans a baseball team could ever wish to have, the stadium was at a near 100% capacity through out the whole entire windy, rainy game! What an inspirational experience, seriously.
As you can tell from the pictures, I had to put on a plastic cape which was practically made of saran wrap, in order to stay some what dry. But the game was fantastic. Red Sox won that night, for those of you who are curious.
I just have to end with a comment on Fenway Park's food, they have the most insanely delish crispy garlic fries I've ever had in a ball park.

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