Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Random Weekend Summary

The past long weekend was absolutely amazing with a few adventurous moments to it. We started it off with a game of bocce with a very large group friends and friends friend. Although according to one of them, it's a game for either the retired or the drunk, lol, we were thoroughly enjoying the 'competitive' aspect of the game. The pace of the weekend changed 180 degrees on the next day as we ventured out to the wild for some peace and quite. It's the second time we took the hiking trial and it's the second time we almost got lost. So instead of a 2 hour hike like we originally planned, we were walking for over 3 and half hours, which was to say the least, exhausting. But the day ended with some rock-band action with my cousin and his buddies, which again confirmed my calling. Let me just say, although I was NOT born as a singer (in fact, I should never handle a mic again in my life), but I'm an extremely 'talented' drummer! Who knew...
I'm in love with my new boots (by FaryRedRobin) paired with poofy skirts! Slightly odd, but so completely comfortable.

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Anonymous said...

Get rid of the POOFY SKIRTS. KK