Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This is how I rock

I'm BACK! My bday trip to NYC and Boston was a BLAST! I just can’t say enough to thank the mastermind behind the trip. I've never had so much delish food in such a short period of time, haha...will post pictures of me stuffing my face soon as KK downloads them from his camera.
During the trip, we accidentally discovered that NYC recently lowered its clothing sales tax from 8.3% to 4.3%, hooray! I just couldn't resist picking up an amazing funnel collar leather jacket from Zara, along with some crazy psychedelic tights from Anna Sui. By the way, the 5” heel studded boots that KK order for my bday finally arrived! They are insanely high yet super comfortable when inserted with gel insoles, thank you Dr. Scholls!

I had to wear my skinniest skinnies with these boots for its first showing, which is probably not wise after a whole week of stuffing my face, but any other ways will just be wrong, either for these boots, or for my work. lol....


Anonymous said...

arghh!!!! I want the leather jacket too... =( -jjb

Anonymous said...

CHOW FAN!!!!!!!!~