Sunday, September 21, 2008

What Not To Wear, At Least When Shopping In Norcal

Apparently a pair of studded ankle booties is all it takes to turn a few dozen heads, and get hit on by high school kids in this town. Ok, I need to start from the beginning. I was in one of my creative dressing mood this morning and decided against my better judgment to wear the new booties with my vintage Hemlut Lang cutoffs. The second I walked into the mall, two girls, technically store employees started making circles around me. Finally one of them came over to ask where I got my boots, and the other one asked what year is my Balenciaga and if she can touch it??!! Completely random, right?! As my shopping trip continued, I was practically stopped every 15 minutes either by some girl who wants to know where to buy the boots or by some guy who wonders how I'm able to walk in these babies. Most of the people looked at me with admiration, except for one girl, far as I know. When her guy companion told her to check out my shoes, the girl snarled and responded, she's probably a hooker. As soon as I heard that, I turned around to checkout the couple, (simply out of curiosity). Their faces turned into the color of washington apple when our eyes met...haha... Hey, this is a free country which means everyone's entitle to their opinions.
It's been fun, but I'll probably stay away from cutoffs and five inch stilettos for a while.

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